• April – June Newsletter

    Our offical ‘WELCOME’ newsletter! We are really excited about looking after the Bays Group Fitness. What attracted us most to this centre was the friendly, community atmosphere that resonates in every class. You can’t buy that! It’s unique and something special that we will continue to nurture.

    Our philosophy for Bays Group Fitness is to keep it REAL, FRIENDLY and a welcoming centre where people can come to have some ‘ME’ time! ¬†We both enjoy motivating and encouraging people to live a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle and hope to continue to encourage more people in our community to follow suit.

    Down to business; we hope to make some positive changes to Bays Group Fitness. You may have noticed the changes to our timetable; Pilates: Wed 9.15am and Boot Blast: Wed 6.15am. We encourage you to give something different a go this month, it can’t hurt!

    Recently we sent you a survey to get feedback; so please do fill this out so we know what you enjoy and would like to see at Bays Group Fitness.

    This month we are also offering a FREE ONE WEEK TRIAL, so please help us spread the word to help get this wonderful community moving.

    In the meantime, check out our website and like us on Facebook to keep up with what’s happening at Bays Group Fitness.

    Our quarterly quote:

    Come out of the rain and dance with us at Bays Group Fitness……..

    Anne & Sarah