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Les Mills Body Balance Classes
Les Mills Body Balance Classes
Les Mills Body Pump Classes
Les Mills Grit Classes
Les Mills Tone Classes
Yogilates Classes
Senior Silhouette Classes

We’d love for you to join the regulars at Bays Group Fitness – just fill out the registration form  and we’ll contact you about the payment options.

You have 3 options to choose from:

Option 1:  Pay as you go
$25.00 per Session

Option 2: Concession card
10 classes:    $195.00

Option 3:
10 Weeks:     $245.00 – Includes ALL classes

Join us for a free trial class
You don’t have to register for a free trial class, just show up and we’re happy to welcome you to our program and answer all the questions you have.

Registration Form

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Payment preference (required)
OPTION 1: pay as you go ($25)OPTION 2: 10 class concession card ($195)OPTION 3: 10 week unlimited classes ($245)

I hereby declare that I am fit and able to participate in the Bays Group Fitness classes.

Any Relevant Health Issues?

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