• April – June Newsletter

    Our offical ‘WELCOME’ newsletter! We are really excited about looking after the Bays Group Fitness. What attracted us most to this centre was the friendly, community atmosphere that resonates in every class. You can’t buy that! It’s unique and something special that we will continue to nurture. Our philosophy for Bays Group Fitness is to

  • Summer is Coming

    Wow – I cannot believe we are over half-way through the year!  Today has certainly been warmer so I feel its time to take a look at how we are doing with our fitness goals. Our timetable is changing and evolving to help you take your fitness to another level.  There is a saying that

  • Indoor sessions

    Indoor sessions

    As autumn approaches and the mornings get darker how about changing up your exercise plans and heading indoors! We have GRIT STRENGTH, SUKHA YOGA, CXWORX AND GRIT CARDIO early every morning to get you ready for your day.  As we are local you can do either 30 minutes or 60 minutes, head home for a

  • Personal workout trainers

    Personal workout trainers

    Even though you are part of a group exercise class you will be treated as an individual.  You will be given tips and advice on technique and training.  We also have instructors available for one on one sessions to start you on your way!  What can we help you with?

  • Relaxation with yoga

    Relaxation with yoga

    Many of us are faced with very busy and stressful lives and just don’t have the energy for high intensity training.  If this is you then try BODYBALANCE.   This program brings our focus to breath to calm the nervous system with the added bonus of a 10 minute guided meditation to complete the session.