• Summer is Coming

    Wow – I cannot believe we are over half-way through the year!  Today has certainly been warmer so I feel its time to take a look at how we are doing with our fitness goals.

    Our timetable is changing and evolving to help you take your fitness to another level.  There is a saying that if you keep doing the same thing and expecting different results then you are going to be disappointed.  Your body becomes used to doing the same thing all the time and doesn’t change.  Where can you tweak your training?

    My advice is to look at weight training in a new way.  You should be doing 50% of your training with weights!  For women worrying about looking like a bodybuilder please don’t  –  you will be shaping and toning by lifting lighter weights for longer repetitions.  Did you know that 1 kilo of muscle takes up less space in your body than 1 kilo of fat!  Try to include 2 or 3 BODYPUMP classes into your weekly training for the best results.

    In addition to how are body looks after weight training, we are creating good strong bones meaning we reduce our risk of developing osteoporosis.  The aim is to train to gain functional bodies that are strong and healthy.